This site cannot be reached, the host took too long to respond

Dün hiçbir problem olmamasına rağmen aynı günün akşamı ne web sitem ne de admin paneline giriş yapamadım

Cloudflare does not interfere with websites with the Proxy status set to Unproxied (:grey:) / DNS-only.

In order to figure out what the issue is, and how to resolve it, you would need to look at the server on Google’s Cloud, such as e.g. by digging deeper in the log files there.

Öncelikle teşekkür ederim. Google cloud sunucusunda bir problem gözükmüyor daha detaylı yardımcı olabilir misin?

Suddenly I started getting an error like this. I have not been able to access my site for 2 days. Please help

That site is not using Cloudflare’s proxy, so the issue is with your webserver.

I’m using Google cloud but there doesn’t seem to be any problems there either.

As said, that host does not use Cloudflare so there can’t be any issues from Cloudflare.

I’m going to share my usual advice for situations like this:

The only thing you have so far provided, is the domain name (#1), as mentioned within the title of your thread.

At the bare minimum, you would need to include details such as what is quoted above.

If you’re using specific applications or so, on your Google Cloud, I would suggest you to contact the support and/or communities related to these applications, and request more assistance there.

In addition to that, please stick to one single thread for each individual issue.

  1. My domain name is Seyahatatlasi .com I bought it from Google Domains.
  2. I added a few firewall rules I saw on the internet, but I didn’t get any results. and I couldn’t find enough information
  3. It took too long for the seyahatatlasi .com server to respond.

Connection timed out (a.k.a. took too long to respond) is very consistent with a firewall rule that is set to drop the traffic.

If you’re unable to access the firewall settings now, and remove them, then the only option you have, would, as mentioned above, be to consult Google’s Cloud Support for more information about how to recover access to the cloud server.

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