This site cannot be reached and DNS Record Disappeared

Good day Support,

I hosted my websites on Cloudflare and it was working fine but suddenly, all the websites on the dashboard stopped working. I checked the domain registrar and CF Configuration is pointing correctly. I did domain lookup but no DNS record was found.

Domain and sub domains of, please help look into this, Thanks!


Hello Boss,

Thanks for the update. I want to continue using the domain, please how do I reach out to the Malian registry directly since freenom can’t assist in resolving the issue or any alternative to this problem??

Lastly, kindly share a link or resources to backup the info you shared. Thanks and best regards!

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Millions of domains to be deleted as Freenom loses its first TLD - Domain Incite

Freenom is losing “.ga”

Freenom is losing another ccTLD after collecting military emails - Domain Incite

Dated July 18, 2023, 15:52:16 (UTC), that thread is starting:

The Financial Times link does however seem to be behind a paywall though.


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