“This site can’t provide a secure connection”

Hi! We have a SSL certificate installed on our site: https://outrankco.sg/. We want to have cloudflare on the site but when cloudflare is enabled this error shows up “This site can’t provide a secure connection”. Could you help us on this issue?

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Hi! I’ve tried the solution on the link you sent and right now it still showing some errors when cloudflare is turned on. If we enable the “Universal SSL”, “500 internal server error” appears on the site. But when “Universal SSL” is disabled the error shows " This site can’t provide a secure connection" & "ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH "

Well, as the link says you must not disable it. And a 500 comes from your host, you need to talk to them.

Hi! We already contacted our server regarding on this and there is nothing wrong with the server no error found on logs and site is up and running if we access it directly to from our server. And also they are able to access our website outrankco.sg by connecting directly to server IP address via local hosts file in their machine. Same on our tests, 500 error only appears if our DNS is proxied to cloudflare.

So it seems like the issue is related to CloudFlare side as they don’t get any get error logs related to this.

They always say that and it never is the case. A 500 always comes from your server. They need to check their server logs for the 500 and fix whatever they need to fix.

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Alternatively you might have the wrong address configured on Cloudflare.

Post a screenshot of your DNS records.

Hi! I’ve doubled checked on our server again and the issue really is with them. Thank you for you kind assistance

So it has been fixed?

Not yet. Is there anything wrong with my address configuration?

No, the IP addresses look all right. So you are connecting to the right server and they simply need to check the logs for the 500 and fix that.

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