This site can’t provide a secure connection (was working fine)

Hi there, my website - sometimes gives me the error “This site can’t provide a secure connection” - it was running fine for a couple of months until all of a sudden it started to give me that error on google. Please help. Thanks

Your server is not responding. You need to contact your host for that.

my hosting provider is ProFreeHost - they don’t have any contact information. Is there anything else I can do?

If you cannot contact your host you can only switch to another one. I am afraid Cloudflare is not involved here.

how would i switch?

How did you get started with your current host?

Switching hosting would be similar to that, only with another hosting provider.

You simply choose a new host and configure the new IP address on Cloudflare.

any recommendations for free hosts (with customer support)

I would not use free hosts as they usually provide subpar services and shared hosting really is cheap.

Unfortunately that is off-topic for here however and I would refer to or Reddit.

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