"This site can’t provide a secure connection" office only

For some reason, in my local (office location) when I visit my sites I get the message in chrome “This site can’t provide a secure connection”.
With other browsers it’s a similar message, however, at home or via online proxy servers, the site displays fine.

It’s like on all machines I can found in our office.

I’m using Cloudflares free service for the SSL certificate.

Does anyone have a solution? I was wondering if some method of recreating the ssl certificate might help - is that possible somehow?


It might be some proxy in your office which forcibly opens the TLS tunnel to analyse its content.

Can you post a screenshot of the certificate you get?

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How might I do that please? When I open in chrome in network developer tools tab it doesn’t even look like it’s attempting to connect…

It is somewhere in the Chrome developer tools. Sorry, dont have Chrome here, so cant give an exact walkthrough.

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