This site can’t provide a secure connection for sub domain


recently i added sub domain like, after configuration of my website i am getting below error .

This site can’t provide a secure connection uses an unsupported protocol.


Can you please help on this .

-Mohan J

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Thanks for update , i am using only one name before .

Name is,.

But still have issue

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That subdomain has valid SSL/TLS.

for all i got B grade .

hi ,
i think my sub domain is routing to, if this is the issue how to change to

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But there is an nxdomain error on

Drop the www

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Hi Cloonan,

i removed in DNS name so error, as per the above instruction will not work for free so removed and testing .
I just added can you check.

-Mohan J

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There are still some css calls that need to be updated, but the above errors are gone.

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