This site can’t be reached


I am getting this error

This site can’t be reached’s server DNS address could not be found.
Did you mean
Search Google for ngima me

I have successfully setup my site with cloudflare the NS record, A record I setup in cloudflare seems to be not working.
Please help.


Hello @sherpa.ngima,

The root of your domain isn’t resolvable because you don’t have any record for the APEX of the domain, neither CNAME or A or AAAA.
You need to sort this out before being able to reach your site.


I have defined NS record. Is not that enough?



No, it’s not enough and i’d say that having NS records in Cloudflare when you’re using our DNS is useless.

You need to use the A, AAAA or CNAME records and Orange-Cloud those to get access to your website, as you made for www.

Look at your www records, it’s a canonical name pointing to, which doesn’t exist, so you need to create the record pointing to your Origin server (your webserver) at the APEX level first (


Yeah I did it :slight_smile: Thank you Stephane.


i have the same problem ,but i’m just redirecting my website to another domain useing 301


Many apologies for posting here but I do not seem to be able to post a new thread but I can reply to exiting ones ?

My question is that I am trying to find where (which company) this domain is hosted with …

It used to be madasafish which was taken over in 2007 by Plusnet but madasafish have nothing about hosting on their site and I cannot get hold of them. Plusnet say they only do their email

Doing a web search about the domain has brought me here but cloud flare in their FAQ say they don’t host

Any help on which company now physically hosts would be most appreciated



Plusnet seems to be it. They look to be a broadband provider, so maybe it’s locally hosted. Why not contact the email address on the website?


I started a chat session with them but they said they did not host it and could not help me