"This site can’t be reached" with root domain - critical issue today


Hello, our CloudFlare DNS currently works for www dot imagineclarity dot com, which goes to our wpengine hosting:

CNAME www imagineclarity.wpengine.com

  • with CloudFlare enabled
  • with automatic TTL

However I can’t get it working for the root domain, so people typing imagineclarity dot com in their browser find a page “This site can’t be reached”:

NB: in both cases SSL is set to Strict (general setting for all routes).

We’ve run very very late with the setup of this new website for two simultaneous campaigns starting just today, one of them in Japan i.e. in max a few hours. Because of the error above, it probably means that all our Japanese visitors who received flyers with the address “imagineclarity.com” will be blocked out.

Would you have any advice? All help would be extremely appreciated, thanks!

PS: sorry for all the “dots” and only using one image, but this forum system blocks having more than 2 URLs or more than 1 image, which is silly for a CloudFlare forum…


OK, in the end it works. In between all the different configuration which can be mixed, we just hadn’t had left the system with a window of 30 min so that the DNS could propagate, I guess. The above config works now that we’ve waited long enough (and that is also what wpengine recommended: https://wpengine.com/support-video/updating-cloudflare-dns-cname/).

See URL: http://imagineclarity.com

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