This site can’t be reached (Sometimes it loads and sometimes it does not)

I saw some of the following similar topic that were in Cloudflare but not worked in my case.

Website Name:
Hosted Via: Awardspace

I redirected the website from http to https and then the issue started to follow. I actually didn’t need https but that red danger sign everytime i make an input is annoying.

When i enter the site via http - It does load but cracked.
When i enter the site via https

This site can’t be reached

resolutegamerzdotcom refused to connect.

In order to make sure i asked my friend once(and he said its working from his end, but he checked only once).
Later on i checked via my VPS. But sometimes the website is loading and sometimes it ends up with the error above.

I cleared my cookies/cache/history/restarted laptop and then it worked twice and then again the same issue. It’s almost like sometimes it’s loading and sometimes it’s not.

Can anyone help me out with a permanent solution for this?

Usually you’d get a Cloudflare error message, but this looks like a browser message.

If you recently added HTTPS, it may just take time for SSL to settle in. How long has this been going on? Are any of your users getting this error?

Well i have added https around 8-9 hours.
The error seemed to be there since the beginning for me while for few of my users it didn’t show up. They said it’s working fine for them.
From my Vps i checked its working sometimes and sometimes not. It does loads the website but cracked white page without https.

It’s only the website where i am coming across this issue, not in any other website so something is wrong around.

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