This site can’t be reached - Open VPN

Hello, I’m a editor and frequently work with batmiexpress . com . For some days offical batmiexpress . com website has stopped working in my region.

Here is the error

This site can’t be reached

batmiexpress .com’s DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem.


I’ve tried browsing, different browser, device etc already. I’m able to access website through VPN but not directly.

I’m asking here because website is being served via Cloudflare.

Can you please help somehow on this?

The site generally resolves and loads fine →

This will be a local or browser issue, I’d use a search engine to search for the error message and fix whatever they suggest. On Cloudflare’s side it works fine.

On Cloudflare’s side you have a completely different issue.

Your site is insecure and you should fix your encryption mode on Cloudflare and the certificate on your server.

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