This site can’t be reached! on some computers

Some computers can’t connect to my website if it’s linked to Cloudflare, but some computers can still access it normally.
but when I turn off proxy in DNS management and use ssl let encrypt on host, or stop associated with CloudFlare. all connections are normal
Can someone tell me why?

update: fixed it

First, please modify your topic category to just “Security” instead of “Security - Access” so that your topic can be noticed by relevant members. “Security - Access” is only for Cloudflare Access product related topic.

Second, it looks like your ISP does not have a route to the Cloudflare IP. Can you do a traceroute to it?

i don’t know how to do it, can you give me some suggestions or google tutorials

still can’t access, I don’t understand where the problem lies, 2 computers I’m using are on the same network, but the other computer accesses normally, I tried reinstalling windows but still can’t, Some of my friends can’t access it either

Are you able to access other websites e.g.

normal access
I have tried a few other sites that use Cloudflare and still have access
only my page is not working
i’m renting a digitalocean server, is that the cause