"This site can’t be reached ERR_QUIC_PROTOCOL_ERROR"

A day ago my site just completed 5 days after it was transferred from ionos webhosting provider to Cloudflare hosting’ which added 1 year additional web hosting on the previous hosting expiration date.

Now when I tried to access my site’ frontend or dashboard it shows me this error "This site can’t be reached

The web page at [My site name] might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.


By the by, I’m using WordPress CMS, and these are the processes i took for the site’ migration:

  1. I waited for 60days to qualify for Icann domain transfer requirements,
  2. I removed domain lock from my previous webhosting,
  3. I connected ny site with Cloudflare, and I Added Cloudflare generated name servers to and replaced my previous defaults name servers provided by my previous webhosting.
  4. I copy exactly my site’ DNS records from previous webhosting DNS section to Cloudflare as my previous webhosting does provide DNS input.
  5. I pay almost $10 for site transfer to Cloudflare.

When the error shown today, i tried using other browsers to access the site but all in clearing browser’

Tell me what did i do wrong, and how to have this error fixed? Here is error message from chrome browser:

I tried running my site on icann and it says is hosted on Cloudflare which means Cloudflare is responsible for the error; see what icann says:

You are confusing domain registration with web hosting. They are not the same thingb and you do not have to move your domain registration to change your web hosting provider. You cannot host a WordPress site on Cloudflare because Cloudflare is not a web hosting provider.

One of the reasons you cannot reach your website is because the IP address that you are publishing in the A record for both your apex domain and www hostname is a non-routable address reserved for use in documentation. The only time it would make sense to use it in your Cloudflare DNS is if you needed a place holder IP for a :orange: Proxied record that was redirected somewhere else with a Page Rule or Redirect Rule.

If you want your domain name to point to an existing WordPress site that you were already hosting somewhere, you should make sure that you do not cancel your hosting agreement and update your DNS to point to the IP used by that web host.

The following #tutorial will cover editing your DNS.



As you instructed I still could access my web hosting on ionos. but unfortunately i discovered that my domain name was deleted after moved Cloudflare.

Thank goodness i still have the screen shot of my DNS records of tje domain nane before deleted. ! I have inputed A, AAAA, CNAME records of my previous webhosting provider to Cloudflare still the error pesist!

What should I do?

Here is the DNS records of my site and Cloudflare name server correctly added on Cloudflare DNS section:

My site is is showing active on Cloudflare but the error still persist

This site can’t be reached

inresite dot com] unexpectedly closed the connection.


  • Checking the connection


Here is the screen shot:

  1. Visit your DNS settings and find the DNS record for your website hostname
  2. Click Edit and set the Proxy status to Proxied
  3. Wait 5 minutes and then test again

That will fix the proxy status, but not the server issue of the missing certificate. Unfortunately, the OP has an entire array of issues with the domain, both, on his server as well as Cloudflare configuration. So far only the address issue got fix, as advised by @epic.network.

Do you mean A record of my site or AAAA or CName pls specify which one?

How should I fix missing certificate as you mentioned?

Your entire site is not loading and that is not related to Cloudflare. As @epic.network advised, you should fix that first and make sure your site is working and working on HTTPS. Before that there’s little point in even thinking about Cloudflare.

I’ve point the affected domain to my ionos webhosting as already explained, yet the problem is on.
Again, I’ve my site is using universal SSL, bought together with the domain name. I can’t just understand why the error, what i need to do next?

Sandro / epicnetwork are correct here. You need to speak to your hosting provider primarily and ensure that your origin server ( in this case) is configured to serve your website correctly. Cloudflare cannot serve content for your website until your server is configured to do so.

That means either is misconfigured or you have the wrong IP address in your DNS. In both cases, your hosting provider needs to address that with you.


The site was working even after the domain transfer fee was paid to Cloudflare, and went on to 5 days data transferring, After the 5th day which is day before yesterday, the error message started which deter me from accessing the site’ frontend and back end. I’m 100% sire is from Cloudflare. Do check your system and fix this for me!

As @epic.network mentioned you are confusing Cloudflare’s role as your Domain Registrar, DNS provider and CDN with your hosting provider.

Your hosting provider is the place where your website is installed - in your case that sounds like Wordpress.

You need to troubleshoot that issue with whomever your hosting provider is - once you fix that, Cloudflare will work just fine for you.

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Could you do me a favour; release the site’ domain luck so that i can transfer back to ionos webhosting. I can’t wait till 60 days because by then the site’ web traffic would already down!

I wanted to transfer back to Ionos. Tell me how to?

I would like to get the donain authorization code for the domain transfer!

It is not possible to transfer your domain registration until sixty days have passed since the last transfer. Cloudflare has no control over that. It is an ICANN policy. Luckily, where your domain is registered has nothing to do with where you host your site.

Having your domain registered with Cloudflare does not prevent you from procuring a hosting plan at Ionos or any other self-managed web hosting provider. If Ionos is where you want to host your WordPress site, your next step will need to be setting up your site on their hosting.