This site can’t be reached- DNS address could not be found. Diagnosing the problem. DNS_PROBE_POSSIBLE

I’m getting this error for one of my sites. I currently have it set to 301 redirect to another site. This is the main domain (not a subdomain). What could be wrong?


It means it doesn’t have a DNS record for the hostname you’re trying to reach. If it’s supposed to just redirect to another site, you can add a :orange: Proxied DNS entry with a dummy IP address of

Thanks for the reply. I added that as “Type A” and it went to a page of a site builder I formerly used. Am I using the right type? This back end stuff is not my forte.

Here’s my setup:
I purchased the domaim through dynadot. The name servers point to cloudflare. I set up 2 page rules in CF. One is 301 for the www version and the second is 301 for the non www version.

What’s the domain?

It sounds like that Page Builder still has control over your domain. You’d need to contact them and ask them to completely remove your domain from their Cloudflare integration.

Ok, I’ll give that a shot thank you!

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