This site can’t be reached - connection refused

Hi there,

I’m new here i have searched here if i could find solution to the problem i have been facing regarding my domain but all to no avail.
I have since setup my domain on cloudflare but was initially setup on godaddy. have been having issues connecting to this domain using MTN NG. It doesn’t happen often maybe once in 2 days.
If i disconnect and reconnect my internet it works.
If the site is not proxied through cloudflare it works.
if i use a VPN it works.
This is the other domain i have setup also on cloudflare that does not have this issue.


I get a 404 when I visit the easytripng.

testcrypto shows a Windows IIS welcome page.

Were these sites working with HTTPS before you added them to Cloudflare?

for the i just changed the IP now its working.

The was just registered today.
For the i configured the HTTPS when i moved it to cloudflare.

It needs to have HTTPS before you move it to Cloudflare.


I will change that now and see how it goes.

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