This site can’t be reached after updating A record

I just a newbie, please be good to me.

I just tried to update my A record because of email queued issue.
I triend mail-tester to check whats wrong

We didn’t find a server (A Record) behind your hostname

This is what I got so I tried to update or change my name server now my website is not working. Even if I revert the A record back to the previous one. :frowning:

Here’s the website

Here’s the correct one sorry

Got this error

For me youir site works.

You are using Cloudflare in DNS Only mode so if your problem is not related to DNS solely it`s not a Cloudflare related problem.

You are using an own SSL Cert.The Cert is just valid for:, but not for and therefore you will get the error on but not on

Please create a new SSL Cert which is valid for both:


Then your problem will be solved.

@M4rt1n you’re awesome! It works now, the bottomline of my problem is really the mail delivery, got this error

The “Send emails” scheduled task failed with the “An invalid request URI was provided. The request URI must either be an absolute URI or BaseAddress must be set.” error (Task type: “Nop.Services.Messages.QueuedMessagesSendTask, Nop.Services”. Store name: “Mick’s Wines”. Task run address: “/scheduletask/runtask”).

Please do not mix up things. If it is a different error create a different thread to keep things organised and clean.

Also Cloudflare does not have anything to do with Mailtraffic, so just make sure you are in DNS Only mode for all DNS Entries your MX Entries are pointing to. The rest is not related to Cloudflare.

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