This site can’t be reached after ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED

Hi there,

I’m new here and before writing this thread to ask for help. I already searched around to see how people face the same problem but it seems there is no one get the same me so here I post this.

At first, I set up my domain at domain registar to my IP website and it works but without SSL/HTTPS or something like that. So, I changed to Cloudflare and created a new account, then I set up completely as user guide with ease: created A record, put the domain, put the IP, change NS in the domain Registrar as Cloudflare required …

After several bugs, so here I am facing this problem. I could not access my website via this domain.

Hope you guys could help me to solve this. With any further information, don’t hesitate to ask me.

You dont have a record set up for www. You will need to add this to your DNS settings.

Hi sandro,
I’ve set up a name record for www as you advised, now there is another error. For this problem I have no idea where I put something wrong for the host :frowning:

Your server either does not respond or blocks Cloudflare. Check this with your host.

Thanks for the prompt reply, Sandro

I’ve removed the site from cloudflare and it works on domain provider.

Well, I get a bad certificate error from your host.

What does that mean?
My website seems working incorrectly since setting up the domain. after taking out from Cloudflare is same.

Your IP address ends in 245, does it not?

Yes it is.

Your server responds, but only on HTTP and not HTTPS. You will need an SSL certificate on your server.


Thanks for the advice,
I am gonna setting up right now.

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