This record type cannot be proxied. (Code: 9004)

Hi, I am used to use “” as the address for my cloudflare worker.
By doing this, I can easily find all my domains managed by workers in the DNS page, see my attachment “Pic01.png” and “Pic02.png”

But suddenly I can’t to it anymore. I can only get this error: “This record type cannot be proxied. (Code: 9004)”.
See “Pic03.png”
Now I can only use “” as the IP address for my workers, but this cause the address will not put on top of the list.

Why I can’t use as before? If it is for security concern, can I use or something else that I can find it from list easily? Because will not showing in the top of the list, which is very inconvenient for me, thank you a lot.


Hi @kusakabesi2018,

The recommended method is adding an AAAA with the target 100:: as mentioned in the Workers documentation.


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