This record exposes your origin IP


I have recently setup Cloudflare for one of my websites.

I am getting this exclamatory message “This record exposes your origin IP” against one of my domain’s MX entry. I consulted with my hosting provider in order to resolve this issue but they replied me to contact Cloudflare’s support. If I delete this MX entry, my email server stops receiving emails.

I would like to confirm that if I keep this MX entry as is, will it be threatening for me to have a broader chance of cyber attack or it is ok to keep this entry showing this warning?

Help from the community will be highly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

This is normal. Cloudflare does not proxy SMTP/email traffic, so you mail server’s IP needs to be visible publicly. If your mail and web are served from the same server then this does expose your IP, but this is unavoidable unless you were to move your email elsewhere.

Thanks for replying thedaveCA.

So this means that I may not be able to use my email account anymore if I require Cloudflare protection on my website because mail and web both are served from the same server.

Or host your email elsewhere.

Thanks for your kind support.