This page/website is taken down


i bought new domain from Namecheap about 2 hours ago and didn’t connect with hosting etc. i just configure the Cloudflare DNS settings and after 3 hours when i open site it show me this message "451
This page/website is taken down because of copyright infringements .

If You’re the owner of this website, We had sent you the notices but no appropriate action was taken from your end."

i also check the history of domain and there is no history.


That’s a message from your host, you need to talk to them.

as i mentioned i didn’t connect the site to hosting yet

You will have some IP addresses configured and those provide that content. You best pause Cloudflare and clarify this with your host, this is not a Cloudflare message.

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i add a random c-panel shared ip addresses while configuring Cloudflare DNS settings, what do you think? it coz of that?

As already mentioned, that’s not a Cloudflare message and comes from your host. Proceed with the steps earlier suggested.

how can i, that was just random IP- address

Then configure the right one.

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then it will remove??

Considering that the content comes from the server.

my friend have hosting and can add unlimited sites, should i change the ip address to that address?

You need to configure the correct address, that’s it.

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