This page isn't working - too many redirects

This page isn’t working redirected you too many times.


I have don clearing cookies and nothing. Is not eving indexing properly.

I build my website with Wix

It looks to be redirecting from http to https and back.

This could be a few things, first, check if you have Cloudflare’s option to Always use HTTPS enabled, and if so, disable it and try again.

Also held your SSL/TLS mode, make sure it is not set to Flexible, if it is, try Full instead.

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Thank you for responding to my issue.
In regards to SSL/TLS, I have it set to full, not set to flexible.

I would have to check the http/https portion and try your recommendation.

I never had this issue before with other websites I have build with Wix.


The redirect from HTTPS to HTTP is happening on your Origin, so you will need to resolve that with Wix.

% curl --dump-header - -o /dev/null --resolve --silent | egrep -i 'HTTP|Location'
HTTP/2 301

I suspect Cloudflare is redirecting back to HTTPS… Ideally fixing it at Wix is best, but I’m unclear if Wix requires HTTP at any point. Sounds like something they might do.

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