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Trying to add Cloudflare to my web (and subdomains) Nameservers were changed to ABDULLAH.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM & KEIRA.NS.CLOUDFLARE.COM, but my subdomain indicates DNS lookup error during the speed tests and after accessing my page with VPN from a different country I got that HTTP ERROR 502. Currently, I am only using subdomains, since my main page is currently in maintenance mode.

After adding CNAME record I’ve got Error 534.

Thx for the help.

A 524 error indicates that Cloudflare made a successful TCP connection to the origin web server, but the origin did not reply with an HTTP response before the connection timed out. Review the suggestions in this Community Tip for troubleshooting ideas.

The hosting support helped me out to solve the problem by editing the one of he IPs in CF. Several hours later my subdomain is operating ONLY as a CACHED page, and it is not possible to log-in in Wordpress (ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS).
However my 2nd subdomain is acting weird. It displays ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH, on my Chrome browser (incognito + VPN just to be sure if any cache issue appears)
It is even more awkwardish that my page works on 4G network without any delay or something, but once i turn on the WI-fi everything ends :smiley:

Hey again,
things are even more f*cked up, i’ve contacted the support and they did something (not sure what exacly) with the 1st page and n.ertia, by removing some certificates from cPanel, and now when i enter to that page there is that message Your connection is not private, when i proceed to my page somehow i’m redirected to an entirely different site (happens with both pages)
Before that, they mentioned something about ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH in which was caused by the SSL configuration at Cloudflare, and to check with you guys.

I found this tool in CF

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