"This page doesn't seem to exist."

Hey guys,

I’m looking for any help. It’s built in wordpress+woocommerce. Domain name is adorablycatz.com

I’m using the cloudflare CDN free service in siteground hosting. 2 days ago, my website is working all good. Then i activated the service. At first there were 3 errors: 2 errors about dns were gone 1 hour later. 1 error “www redirect check failed siteground” was also gone 1 day later.

Now home page and some pages like “about us” “privacy policy” are working fine. Problem is: all product pages are not working. When I clicked shop and product link on the home page, it always says:" This page doesn’t seem to exist. It looks like the link pointing here was faulty. Maybe try searching?"

I didnt anything other than this configuration:

What could I do to fix this? Any info would be appreciated. You’re all very welcome to check the site.

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