This is what I want to setup

I want to redirect a domain name I purchased from Cloudflare to an URL of an existing page that is not mine but, contains all my info required instead of having my own webpage. I don’t want to host a page I just want that when someone clicks on my domain name it goes to that URL.

Can someone tell me what needs to be setup and help with the info that needs to go in that setup page. I have read the documents and tutorials unfortunately I’m struggling with why it’s not working. I have setup redirecting that looks pretty straightforward and I went on ChatGPT and it said don’t put any DNS info, tried that and it didn’t work.

I was told from previous conversation in Cloudflare I do need to put DNS info. I tired but, all I can put is the CNAME. The A record wants an IP address and I don’t want to host a page just redirect to one. I tried a suggestion to use AAAA and 100:: and that didn’t work. You can see the error I get if you type in the address bar – I put spaces because it wont let me put the link.

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