This is default server vhost. There is nothing here

Hi this domain was originally connected to a cloudflare account but when the host was changed it automatically got connected to the hosts CDN.

I reconnected the site to cloudflare yesterday but got the error above. I contacted the host and they advised that it was because the domain was pointing to cloudflare but that the subdomain was pointing to 1&1 causing conflict. The subdomain was deleted but this did not resolve the issue.

Today, I was told it is because the IP address is not pointing to the host server and I have since changed the IP address back to theirs. Is this the right process? It now says the record exposes the IP behind which you have proxied through cloudflare. To fix this change the proxy status.

All advice appreciated. Thank you.

Well, it currently loads fine, does it not?

As for the exposed address, that is probably referring to your MX record but that is just the general mail server, so it shouldn’t expose your actual server’s address.

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HI Sandro, oh great, it is loading now, thankfully, it wasn’t when i checked so wrote this to make sure the process was right and the same as the advice given by the hosts team-he said it would take 24hours.

Thanks for your response!

Whenever your server IP address changes you will need to update this on Cloudflare, but for now it appears to be working fine.

Brilliant. Thanks.

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