This is a strange case.. or is it?

I hope this is the best category to post this. I have a very interesting case, but perhaps it’s not.

I have a client’s domain that I am using Cloudflare for. We did this to speed up the site, but also to secure the site. We want to test a situation where we send all of his traffic to a different domain name which hosts a different secure site. I redirected the domain name and paused on CF. However, now that Google is displaying the original website with a SSL (Cloudflare), a bad SSL cert is displayed when trying to access the site because we don’t have one for the domain on his hosting account. How can I work this so that the domain redirects correctly to the other site without putting a SSL cert on the original domain? Can this be done or will we have to put a SSL cert on this domain? All help is appreciated, and I thank you for reading.

The best way to get rid of this would be to add an SSL Cert to the other site. (why not? :wink: )

Another way could be to try a page rule:

Hey Mark,

Thank you for your response. I completely overlooked the Page Rules.

To answer your question…the client is hosting with a pretty well known host that doesn’t allow their customers to install their own SSL certs, and he doesn’t want to pay the absorbent fee for a yearly SSL from the host. Otherwise I would just install one and be done :smiley:

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