This is a nightmare!


Through my iPhone, I have accidentally stumbled across the possibility to having my own domain, while setting up my iCloud email (not an alias), as my  ID is a Gmail address.

Glad I could actually manage the iCloud address going, as it wasn’t actually being stored as an account in the Mail app, had to enable it in the iCloud settings on my phone. Who would have thought, right? Well, probably I am not that bright. :man_shrugging:

Never mind, the custom email domain, is another level of confusion. To my understanding, I rented a domain from Cloudflare, but not a mail server. So I can actually setup just a routing to an existing email address, right? So I have added my custom “address” to my newly acquired domain, to put it simply, added something before @. But I had to pick a mail to rout it to?! There was a DNS config setup in Cloudflare, I assume due to the partnership. I have used my iCloud address, for the routing, to have the custom address verified. But!, I had to delete the conflicting iCloud DNS configs to have it replaced by Cloudflare, to get this working, and have this custom address verified, to actually receive the verification email. However, the process is not finished, and I believe I did it all wrong…

There are still next steps to take to finish the setup. But I actually deleted this configs to get the address verified.

So how the ■■■■ does this actually work?

Please advise.


You will want to undo this. Disable Cloudflare Email Routing and follow the steps to set up iCloud+. Cloudflare Email Routing cannot be used with services like iCloud+ at the same time, and iCloud+ is the superior product by miles.

That is correct.

That would be true if you only had a domain from Cloudflare, but iCloud+ comes with a mail server. You do have iCloud+, correct?


First of all, thanks for your prompt reply, very much appreciated. Kind of desperate here, as if I would not have anything better to do… :roll_eyes:

Yes, I do have iCloud+.

I couldn’t get the custom address verified, I mean, it was just a domain, and unless I removed the iCloud DNS config, the verification email wouldn’t arrive. So I wasn’t sure how to proceed.

So the Cloudflare DNS configuration is to be removed, and replaced by iCloud’s, I hope it is going to work…, I mean, the custom address option is in Cloudflare only under routing? Or am I missing something? :tired_face:

Is there an import file for that iCloud DNS configuration somewhere?

Thanks a lot for your support!!

I haven’t used iCloud+ myself, so I’m not familiar with the exact process, but it should essentially be automatic from what I’ve read.

Disable Cloudflare email routing and delete the Cloudflare MX records. Then go to your settings app in IOS where you see the records that you need to add for your domain, and add those to Cloudflare if there is no automatic import.


done, thank you :pray:
wasn’t that bad :+1:


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