This IP is being shared among many domains

Dears, hello (excuse my english).
I am having an issue, when I delegate the dns name server to cloudflare ( and, and then try to go to my web site, the browser give the following error message:

“This IP is being shared among many domains. To view the domain you are looking for, simply enter the domain name in the location bar of your web browser.”

When I changed back again the delegation name server to the ones of my hosting, the site go well (but without CDN cloudflare of course).
Could you give a hand to understand this problem?
Thanks a lot.

Proxy the IP through cloudflare via your DNS records to prevent DNS record leaking (IP leaking)

What Browser are you using?

When i understand him correctly he already did that. And then got this Error Message

Thanks dears!

This happens in chrome and edge, in pc. But, if you browse through the cellphone with native chrome on android, don´t show this error message but show the web without format, only show text html without images neither tables (the site is a wordpress / elementor site).

Yes, it is done. Everything is proxy, except of course the mails registers thas are appointment as only dns. I tested erasing the mails registers in order to leave everything in proxy mode, but the error persist.

Any clue?
Regards a thanks again!

The error message you are getting is probably coming from a misconfigured virtual host on your shared hosting service.

Changing the nameservers back and forth will make your own debugging efforts very difficult due to the time it takes for that to propagate. You can pause Cloudflare if you want to see your site without the Cloudflare proxies in the way.

Are you requesting http or https, both when proxied, and when going directly to your origin?

What SSL Mode have you configured in Cloudflare?

Can you share the domain?


Thanks Michael!

I tried pause Cloudflare. Whe I paused Cloudflare, chrome tell that the site is not secure and then again the same IP shared message. Only can access changing the nameservers back.

When go directly the site redirect to https. Whe goes through cloudflare, i am not sure, but the SSL mode is set to “complete”.

The domain is

Thanks again for your help!

Leave Cloudflare paused, and resolve the “not secure” issue with your site. Let’s Encrypt certs are being issued for your hostname, so something is broken somewhere.

Once you get the site working, set the SSL mode to Full (Strict) and unpause and you should be OK.

I see from the LE certs that you have a few hostnames that need to be :grey: on the Cloudflare DNS tab, including smtp, mail, pop and ftp.

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