This hostname is not covered by a certificate [How Can I Fix?]

Hi everybody. I have completed the nameserver setup and waited more than 24 hours but the error is still being displayed.

Cloudflare confirmed that I had completed the domain validation process, but the error still appeared.

Do you have any “Edge Certificates” here?


I plan to only use the free version and have no intention of paying because my website is quite new. 1 year ago everything setup was simple because I just needed to add a domain. Can’t I use a free SSL certificate? Because I only need to protect my main domain and www.mydomain

No one is suggesting that you move away from the free Universal SSL. @DarkDeviL was trying to ascertain whether this might be the solution you need.

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I was facing the same issue here and this solution worked for me. Thanks!

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Amazing. This is the simplest and most effective way. I tried and succeeded. Thank you very much!

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