This domain takes too long to activate in Cloudflare


I have 4 domains, and this domain in Cloudflare uses the same nameserver that Cloudflare provides for my

Now I have a new domain. I added a nameserver for this domain before I added it to Cloudflare.

This domain takes too long to activate in Cloudflare.

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You cannot do that. When you add a domain to Cloudflare and existing Cloudflare nameservers are detected, new nameservers will be assigned. You need to see what the new nameservers are that were assigned for that doman and update them at your registrar. To avoid this delay in the future, dont skip ahead. Only change your nameservers after your domain has been added and you are instructed to do so.

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Cloudflare provides the same nameserver for new domain I add

Until it finds they are already present at your registrar, then it assigns a new pair as a precaution against hijacking. Check your assigned nameservers for the inactive domain. You can find them at the bottom of this page.

If you want Community members to provide more individual information, you will need to share the domain name.

domain name is

You can see from the whois data, that you have not yet changed the nameservers at the registrar for this domain.


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