This domain is in domain pack .. so can i use old ns record to new domain?

This domain is in domain pack … so i cant change and ns record for each domain … so can i use old ns record to new domain?..So I want to use a 1 ns record for all my domains

This is not a term that I am familiar with. Can you explain? Who is the Registrar?

You cannot have just one nameserver, I assume you mean the same pair of nameservers for all domains.

If you want to guarantee the same set of nameservers for all domains you would need to use Account Custom Nameservers, available on Business or Enterprise Plans.

You could also try the following:

Add each zone to your Cloudflare account. Once you are told to change the nameservers stop, and add the next domain. Generally, you will get the same nameserver pair for each domain. Don’t add and remove the domain, or try to add it to multiple accounts, as that will generally cause a new pair to be created.

Once all the domains are pending nameserver update, check if you have been told to use the same pair of nameservers for each domain. If you have then you are good to go, and can change the nameservers for the “domain pack”. If not, you are out of luck.

This will not work at all if your pack contains a large number of domains, as you can not have unlimited domains in a pending state.

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