This check is taking longer than expected

We have a site that we just switched over dev sites from captcha to turnstile, and it had been working just fine until yesterday about 1-2pm eastern yesterday. Suddenly it stopped working and starting giving us “This check is taking longer than expected. Check your internet connection and refresh the page if the issue persists.” This is confusing as the only code change we made was to change the visibility from interaction-only to always and then back again, but it continued to work for a little bit after that. There are no errors in our logs, nor any of the error callbacks called - even our dev site with the always pass key setup does this. Any ideas?

May I ask what kind of? Next.js, WordPress …? :thinking:

Related to the company, team, different locations or?

Are you using client-side rendering?
May I ask if you’re using the appearance parameter? If so, what value you’re using?

It’s a Salesforce communities dev site. It used to work then suddenly stopped for no apparent reason. And yes, using appearance with the value interaction-only.