This authentication domain has already been claimed but I own the domain


I want to use a specific name, is the same that I have bought but I cant with this error message: “This authentication domain has already been claimed”. I think I have doing a mishandling.

Maybe can you check it and say to me how can I update with the right name that I want ?

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Where do you see that error?

What name is that?

Sorry for delay.

I see this error in the zero trust config pages.

(I can’t upload image, but is in one dash cloudflare com in Custom Pages => Team Domain

I want to use stratorys(dot)cloudflareaccess(dot)com

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Sorry about that, I adjusted permissions, you can now

This is not a domain name, if it was claimed by another user you’ll need to select a different name.

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Once I was able to use the name stratorys, but then I changed it and now I can’t use it again.
I had registered the name and checked beforehand that nobody was using it anywhere. And by the way, when you try to access stratorys.cloudflareaccess it says it doesn’t exist.

Is here when I’m trying to edit the team domain to use stratorys instead of ljahier.

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