Third party url found

In the GT Matrix report 6 no. 's of external link found which effects load time such as Facebook, Google analytics, and google tag url’s inserted from Cloudflare. How these third party codes has been effecting my site load. How can I remove this links

You need to remove them from your site. This is nothing that Cloudflare adds I am afraid.

The cloudflareinsights component is added by Browser Insights to about 10% of page loads.

It is not clear if this plays any part here. If it does it can be easily disabled (with all the consequences) but this still does not fix the other issues the OP claims to have with that.

I agree. I understood the OPs question to be how to remove all third party code. If the site is enabling browser caching and reducing the number of DOM objects should be the priority.

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:+1:t2: for the domain investigation. I am pretty sure thats the right domain.

The loading time of that site is actually pretty alright. Loads in about a second for me. There often is room for improvement, but we’d be way out of the forum’s scope in that case :slight_smile:

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I am using W3 total cache plugin where Browser Cache is enabled. The contents of are much less and important for user experience. That’s why reducing DOM elements may effect User experience.
If the third party urls came from Cloudflare browser insights then please tell me how to disable this.
I think removing these third party urls will improve my page loading time much better.

After crawling Cloudflare I found that there are previously installed apps which added the third party codes on my website. Now they are gone. Thanks to all sharing your valuable suggestions.

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