Third party stream players stuck on lowest bit rate

Trying to get a third party player working with Cloudflare stream.

All seem to get stuck at 240p quality, and don’t change up to anything better.

I’ve tried videojs/hlsjs, flowplayer, radiant, and jwplayer, with similar results - as well as Akamai’s player test tool which has a lot of debug info - including that multiple qualities are available, but it also gets stuck on the lowest rate.

For those players which offer manual quality switching, i can manually choose a higher quality, and the video plays perfectly - but having to manually select that is not a good user experience.

Am I missing something? Or is something broken about how CF’s m3u8 manifests are vs what these third party players expect which is causing it to not automatically select a higher quality?

Hi there, we’re actively working on some improvements to how we communicate video bitrates to client players.

Could you please open a support ticket and share details about specifically what video IDs you’re seeing this for? This will help us look into what might be causing issues on your end.

@irvinebroque I tried to open a ticket yesterday, and i got an auto-reply telling me that I needed to be a Pro subscriber to open a ticket, else I should post to the community forum.

I couldn’t find a way to apply Pro to the Stream product, only to domains? Do I just pick any domain and add Pro to that, or how do I get to where I can open a ticket for the Stream product?

I’ll DM you here in the forum.

Hi irvinebroque,

We are facing the same issue, can you please DM me?