Third nameserver that we did not set is stopping our WPengine SSL from renewing [email protected] 2296357940 10000 2400 604800 3600

We use Nameservers Amber and Tom but for some reason when you do a lookup the WWW has this Jim Nameserver as well. We cannot get our SSL renewed until the Nameserver mismatch is resolved. We confirmed Tom and Amber are the only ones set on our end but this Jim one popups as well

I do not see Jim at all, just June & Sage, were you able to have your domain registrar remove the extra nameserver?

There are only two nameservers set at the registrar and they are Amber and Tom. The only place the Jim shows is as an SOA on the www. only. In WPengine when we try to get an SSL it says that the domain can’t be checked there is no http response. Weirdly the site is still live and having no display issues but DNS lookups show weird stuff and prevent clean lookups at WPengine. Until WPengine can do a domain lookup with a correct http response we can’t get an SSL

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