Third Level Domain Error Cipher Mismatch

My pleasure and the hostname was redacted.

As for automatic provisioning, the API might work - Cloudflare API Documentation


Roger that. I’ll check it out in the upcoming weeks since I’m quite exhausted trying to figure this out over the past few days. Glad I posted here. If you have a tip jar or if I can formally give you kudos somewhere, please let me know!

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My tip jar is always any local animal welfare organisation :slight_smile:

Just donate any amount of your choice and I’ll be happy :slight_smile:


Consider it done :slight_smile:

When I go to I also get the cipher mismatch error even though I’ve never created that particular third level domain in cpanel or wordpress.

If you still have my domain name, you could enter b.a.mydomainname.tld to see what I’m referring to.

Could this be because I have an unnecessary DNS record, or is it something else?

If so, here are my primary dns records

  • Cname www at target
  • Cname * at target
  • Several geo cnames such as *.region at target
  • Cname cpanel at target
  • Cname host at target
  • A record tracking at
  • A record at target
  • Txt default._domainkey at target
  • Txt default._domainkey at randomnumbersandletters15s7d5d7
  • And a few MX records at target

It resolves random names because of the wildcard.

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