Third dns subdomain point Custom Hostnames Error 1016

mydomain. com is domain DNS is on Cloudflare. I want my subdomain blog.mydomain. com to be resolved by third party’s DNS( When I add blog.mydomain. com to the third party and it takes effect, using Custom Hostnames as a fallback origin (blog-cdn.mydomain. com) results in Error 1016. I believe this is a design issue on your end.

blog.mydomain. com --> blog-cdn.mydomain. com --> my IP

Why doesn’t this method work?

Why exactly do you want this kind of complicated set up?

Where does this blog-cdn point to, in your Cloudflare DNS Dashboard?

Any chance you could share your exact set up, … e.g. without redacting your own domain and so on?

Because the other DNS resolver I intend to use supports automatic failover in case of DNS outage.

It points to my server IP: 23.224.x.x. Accessing leads to normal server access

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