Thinking about transferring 20 domains from Godaddy

Has anyone done this in bulk before?
What was you experience?

For extra info- I have 20 domains registered on Godaddy and only about 3 of them are currently connected to Cloudflare.

I just want to get away from Godaddy.


I haven’t tried bulk domain transfers specifically from GoDaddy but from other domain registrars to Cloudflare registrar I have via Cloudflare API. Wrote a guide on my blog on how you can bulk transfer domains to Cloudflare Registrar via API at How To Bulk Domain Transfer To Cloudflare Registrar And Save On Domain Renewal Costs - Centmin Mod Blog and also how you can bulk move out of Cloudflare Resgitrar via API to other domain registrars at How To Bulk Domain Transfer Out From Cloudflare Registrar Via Cloudflare API - Centmin Mod Blog

Looks like GoDaddy has a Domain API so bulk transfers out seems possible

Though with 20 domains, you can manually unlock and get EPP codes from GoDaddy and then use CF API to bulk transfer them.

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