These Firewall Events

What are these FW Events? Attempts to hack my website??

May I ask did you shared a screenshot here or?

Could you share with us some more information, which Firewall Event actions do you see for your domain at Cloudflare dashboard?

OK I can see now that quite a few are from hotlinking attempts, how do I see what the other ones are from?

Most of it looks like Hotlink protection, so someone is most likely trying to load your images on another website. It looks like you have some sort of Bypass set in Firewall Rules for something. If you click on those Bypass events, you might get more insight into what traffic that is.

Yeah I have a bypass for Pinterest, I have a lot of nice photos of my work and I like people to Pin my work there, great exposure for me!

Looks like all the others are for hotlink rules. Does anyone know much about these hotlinks? If someone hotlinks an image of mine, wherever that person’s website is, can’t people on that website tell it’s from my site? I mean, isn’t that almost as good as having my images on Pinterest?

I’d like anyone’s opinion about me letting these hotlinks happen,

also, on the ones from Pinterest that i’ve allowed, is there any way to see the link to the page it’s on, in Pinterest?

That’s not an image. That’s someone who just followed a link to your main page (Path = /) from Pinterest. I don’t think Pinterest hotlinks images. I’m pretty sure their bot crawls your site and copies the image(s).

From what I see it’s mostly people who pin images, like this pic of my roofed entry gate image that was pinned by Pamela. (circled in red)

I want to make it as easy as possible to pin my images for these peole.

here’s another.

Sure, but I don’t think that image is loading from your server. I’m having a hard time finding those pages on Pinterest, and after I saw the ad asking if my dog’s anal glads were full, I gave up. :nauseated_face:

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