There was an issue processing your billing request

I am not able to make a new purchase from Cloudflare. I tried to enable Argo for my website and after I click on the confirm purchase button the Argo enable button toggles green without any error. When I refresh the page, I found that the Argo is not enabled. I got a mail from Cloudflare saying There was an issue processing your billing request. I tried both Paypal and card, but none works. Any idea??

Please send your ticket number here if you already contacted Cloudflare Support, and @Laurie will take a look at your ticket, but expect longer response time since it’s weekend now.

Thanks, @erictung for the quick response. My ticket number is #2282144.

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I’ve escalated the ticket. As @erictung said, it may have to wait until Monday for regular billing department hours.

Thanks, @sdayman. I am hopefully waiting for a solution.

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Hi @praveen369gen,
I have taken a look at your account and escalated it so that we can further investigate this issue. You can expect correspondence through the ticket. Thanks for your patience.


Thanks, @Laurie. I am hopefully waiting for a response to my ticket.

It’s been several days, no solution yet. Is my ticket still open?? :cold_face:

Are you able to see your ticket status in the dashboard? I believe ticket emails include a link to the ticket system.

Hi @praveen369gen,

Sorry for the delay, the team is addressing tickets as quickly as possible and yes at times it can take a few days depending upon how many tickets are in queue before yours. Thanks for your patience.

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