There was an issue communicating with the captcha provider

Hi, recently we have not been able to access a third party website - and even cloudflare’s own website due to the “One more step” captcha page. When we connect to the site it will redirect us to input the captcha, but the spot where you would normally do this it just has an error “There was an issue communicating with the captcha provider. More information may be available below.”

I was thinking it might be firewall related, but even after turning off all the security options (IPS, Web filter, etc) in the firewall, shutting off antivirus, and disabling windows firewall it does not fix it.

Is it possible our company has it’s IP blacklisted by cloudflare or something along these lines? It seems there is no way to contact cloudflare support directly for a case like this if you are not a paying customer, but we don’t consume their service in the first place so not even sure where to go from here.

I’m not able to replicate this through VPNs or Tor. It’s unlikely Cloudflare has blacklisted you so hard that it won’t even present the CAPTCHA. You’re still seeing some sort of Cloudflare screen with the missing CAPTCHA, right?

I hear the CAPTCHA has switched away from Google, so that may coincide with this problem. There’s a chance your company’s network firewall is blocking this access.

Can you dig into the error to see what it’s not connecting to? Maybe even contact your IT department to see if it’s being blocked upstream.

i have the same problem in just 1 pc, where i usually use to play games and see youtube videos, since 1 week ago i cant enter any site that use this [email protected] of service, any solution?

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