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Unabel to send email using wordpress form to send email. But its working when sending from email.

Hello there,

We need more information to help better. Do you own the site? What does the form do?

Check this out:

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Yes I own a website thamiraaqua com and domain registered in Cloudflare. This website is developed in WordPress. I have created the email id in cloudflare and corresponding dns and mx records added automatically. I can be able to send email and receive.

The issue here is that the submit form is not working on the website when anyone tries to fill and submit the form.

I am getting an error, screenshot attached. Could you please check and help us if any settings do I need to do on cloudflare side?

Cloudflare does not offer any service to send outgoing email. What provider are you using to send? You don’t have them listed in your SPF record. You also need to ensure that your WordPress site is configured to use your outgoing email service provider.

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