"There was an error fetching domain data for"


i transfered my domain censored to my cloudflare account about an year ago, after few months
i couldn’t click “manage” it would show 403 in console

being busy with work i ignored it back then was thinking some temporary issue with cloudflare, but it hasn’t been resolved since then, my domain expires next few days and i need to resolve this urgently now.

i see that among users there are some team members here with access to resolve such issues,can someone please check ticket #3231089 this domain is since 2017 all my personal emails go thru that domain, i’m seriously stressed out it will cause me many problems if anything happened to this domain.
please someone follow up on ticket.

looks like api saved the day Cloudflare API Documentation
unlocking it via api worked since i had permissions.
trying to trasnfer out now


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