There was an error fetching domain data for domain

Cloudflare is the registrar of my domain - I see it in the whois reply. When I click on “Manage” I get the error “There was an error fetching domain data for xxxx”.

What to do? It expires soon and I need to manage it.


This is the reply from whois - All OK or not?

Cloudflare seems to be a very reliable registrar. I lost the control over my domain, nobody answers from the support, they closed the ticket and now what?

Chrome Console shows 403 (Forbidden)

Really, a bug in the Cloudflare framework?

This is the result from the above URL which returns 403

{"result":null,"success":false,"errors":[{"code":10000,"message":"Registrar access forbidden"}],"messages":["Registrar access forbidden"]}


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