There was an authentication issue: failed to find consumer

Dear community,

I am trying to transfer domains from another registrar to Cloudflare. Since I do this once a month I know how and that it works.

However, for todays run I am getting a weird error message for any domain I try:

Can someone point me in the right direction what a “consumer” is in this error message?
Is this error related to an Cloudflare issue or to an issue with the other registrar?


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Failed to find consumer…it is not often I see a cf error message that I’ve not seen before. But, this is one. I did a quick search and see it has popped up very often just today. I am going to escalate this ticket for my colleagues to investigate. Sorry for the issues.

I created ticket 2722582 on your behalf @janek and my colleagues are investigating this. You will have received a copy of the ticket.


yes, I got the ticket. thanks, much appreciated.

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I just registered to post this same question now, I hope “same here” improves the conversation.

I was trying to transfer a .me domain from Namecheap.


Thank you @kovacsgellertgabor I created ticket 2722605 and you will have received a copy of it. Sorry for the problems.



We rolled back a release and this should be fixed now.

Let us know if you are still seeing this issue.


Tried it right away. Looks promising. Error is gone. Now the regular “wait for the registrar to confirm” appears.

Therefore: yes. Issues seems fixed. thanks.


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