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So I have just moved my domain to Cloudflare… It’s not my first one and won’t be my last… however this issue I have never come across…

My domain displays this very obscure error screen… I do not know where it comes from, what it is, or why it’s there…

Whois Sees the Cloudflare nameservers: Whois

DNS lookup seems to have all my CF records: DNS-Lookup - The Professional Free DNS Lookup Checker Tool

Anybody have some suggestions?

That error doesn’t appear to be Cloudflare error, and is likely coming from your origin or wherever you’re pointing your domain.

How are you pointing your domain at your website? Is it possible you’re using a CNAME to another service that doesn’t want to be orange-clouded? Any more information you can share about your site setup would help us diagnose the issue.

Was your domain with Shopify previously?

I would say no… even unclouded the same issue…

A record points to the IP
CNAME record sets www to the main domain

Yes, however, when setting up Cloudflare I enabled dnssec as I also moved the registrar…also checked with Shopify, and my host/domain is non-existent on their systems

I thought that looked like a Shopify error page. You’re most likely going to have to get them to remove your domain from their SaaS. If they refuse to do so for whatever reason, you’d need to contact Cloudflare. Assuming that your domain is still configured in their SaaS setup, it will override anything you setup in your own Cloudflare account.

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Interesting… I did contact Shopify and they said it was gone/etc. I’ll try CF support seeing seems Shopify won’t help out. thanks

guess not, you need to upgrade to even raise a ticket, that’s ■■■■

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I see your ticket 2437461 and have added myself and reopened it. I’ll escalate your post as we have Support engineers in the Community on a regular basis, I’ll have them take a look.

While we’re waiting for Support, if you pause Cloudflare, does the error change @zhxscript?

I do not show the domain as previously active on Cloudflare. I do see it’s been added, verfied, deleted and added again times over a couple of days.

Did you enable dnssec at Cloudflare and before or just cf?

To namesilo?

I ended up upgrading just to email this issue, thank you for raising the issue…

I tried to disable proxy at first that did work… then me being me, I tried to re-enable proxy – it did not work… now when I disable proxy… it doesn’t work either… what a crazy obscure issue.

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I enabled it specifically at Cloudflare

Yes,moved to NameSilo (I bought the domain from someone), and as I setup the domain DNS for the transfer, I set it for Cloudflare nameservers

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