There was a problem loading this website site

i had problem with these issue image. Anyone can help?

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We need more information on how the website is hosted and what software is used. It seems like you are using Cloudflare proxy on your domain. Have you tried turning off the proxy (orange cloud :orange:) to bypass Cloudflare and see if the issue still persists?

Im had already try to not use proxy from Cloudflare, but is still show a same problem

You can try open my site unionjordanla .com


Thank you for asking.

This screenshot looks to me like your domain name is stuck in their SSL for SaaS integration with Shopify since before if you’ve used them? :thinking:

Have you tried contacting Shopify support about this and to double-check this for you and possibly to unhook your naked domain and www hostname from their setup/integration? :thinking:

Kindly, I’d suggest you to use the below article and the tool mentioned inside it to resolve your naked domain and www hostname with it. Below article describes more in detail about this issue, if that’s your case too as it sounds to me:

Kindly, may I ask you if you could use the tool called “Liberate the Hostname” from the article below and repeat the process using below tool for both www.domain.tld and naked just in case:

Otherwise, if still nothing, write a ticket to the Cloudflare support and share your ticket number here with us so we could escalate your issue.

You might be offered to switch to the new Customer Support Portal and create a ticket there.

Or i just need to use other SSL services? Thats maybe a fastest way to solve this problem right?

This a answer from Shopify Support :

Thank you for staying connected, I would like to inform you that the dedicated team is still working on with the request and they informed me that they may require more time since they are still checking and looking into the account. For now, we would like to ask for your additional patience and understanding while we work on this matter as we are experiencing a higher than normal volume of queries.
No worries, I will continue to look into this for you and make sure that you get updates on this. I’ve also documented everything here on our end and will set your ticket in my priority list. I will surely send you a follow up email once I have an update from the dedicated team.

Thank you for feedback information.
I’d ask if yo’ve already followed and done the steps by using the above linked tool to Liberate your hostname?

I am afraid they’d need some time to figure out and remove your domain from their setup.

i Dont know how to Liberate my Hostname, any sample?

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