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My server not loading when I point my specific domain to the server and I get this error

I used the domain in Shopify previously. I deleted it in the Shopify panel. The server is working well when pointing to any other domains and it works well when skipping the Cloudflare proxy and installing free SSL.
I read from previous topics that mention the domain was still connected to Shopify’s Cloudflare Saas account so I need to create a ticket on Cloudflare but am not able because I use the pro plan. I hope somebody helps me

As you suspected, this is likely due to the domain being stuck in Shopify’s system from a previous configuration.

Generally the quickest way to resolve this is with Shopify directly - please try contacting them and ask them to remove all Cloudflare configurations for your domain, specifically SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostnames.

If that’s not successful, you can reach out to Cloudflare via [email protected] and they can handle this for you manually - be sure you mention you used to use Shopify and need to remove the previous custom hostname / SSL for SaaS config. Feel free to reply with a support ticket number if you do this, and it can be escalated here

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Please try this first, Shopify have recently been removing these pretty quickly for people.

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I already chated with Shopify, they don’t take action further than removing the domain from their panel.

Please ask them specifically to remove their SSL for SaaS / Custom Hostname configuration for your domain from their Cloudflare setup. They will likely have to escalate the issue from frontline support but it is easy for them to resolve.

I asked it clearly, They said; Upon a thorough check here on our end, the domain was already completely removed from your account and from our system as well.

That cannot be the case if you are still seeing their error page instead of your site.

This domain clearly is mine approved by DNS settings, why Cloudflare doesn’t handle the issue and prioritize domain owner settings instead of SAAS owners, The domain owner is clearly a victim :frowning:

Is is a very frustrating situation to be in and Cloudflare are supposedly working on better solutions but for now it requires the provider to removed their custom hostname configuration. For some reason, some providers make this way harder than it needs to be and Cloudflare have to manually remove it.

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This should have been manually removed on Cloudflare’s side. Thanks @TKlein .


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