"There was a problem loading this website" for shopify store

Hi support,

my store petoi dot come runs on Shopify

Its home page and the robot cat overview page have failed to load MOST of the time for all users since we published an updated theme like 12 hours ago.
somehow I can’t include links here.

We used to have intermittent problems loading pages before the update last night. But it didn’t happen most of the time for all users.

During my research, I’ve found a few discussions about the same problem but I am not allowed to link them here.

I’ve reached out to Shopify and they haven’t been able to address our problem at all. They keep saying that it’s some apps installed on our end to cause too much loading. But we’ve removed a lot of javascript loading and reduced the size of many images.

But these users seemed to have problems when they try to move away from Shopify. I am not trying to move away from Shopify.

I’ve filed #2511681 to [email protected] which was auto closed.

I’d really appreciate you if you can look into this.

If you are not moving away then I can’t understand why Shopify aren’t the ones helping you resolve this. Cloudflare only intervene when Shopify so not correctly remove their configurations, they cannot help you with this I’m afraid.


I am just hoping someone from Cloudfare can provide some hints why this happens so that I can send Shopify more information.

During my research, I’ve found a few discussions about the same problem:

It is a Shopify error and usually happens when they have a misconfigured store or something is broken. If a domain points to them but does not have anything configured them it returns this. It’s not a Cloudflare error.

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