There was a problem loading the website , domain working only on DNS only?

I was linking my website to Cloudflare but I can not use the proxy, with DNS only the domain is working perfectly but when I activate the proxy I get this error “There was a problem loading the website” which looks like a Shopify screen, I have used shopify in the past with that domain but now I can’t seem to activate the Cloudflare proxy on it? any help?

This occurs when you’ve moved away from Shopify but they haven’t properly de-provisioned your domain from their platform. You can open a ticket with them, but they rarely acknowledge it’s an issue with them.

You can try a solution by one of the community MVP’s to remove it pretty quickly on your own.


Yes I did contact them but they didn’t help

Try and follow all the steps in the link @KianNH sent you :slight_smile:


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